Choose the Best Type of Mask – Stay Protected and Healthy

No matter what measures you take to stop spreading coronavirus, masks play a significant role in protecting you against it. There are many different types of masks available in vibrant colors and designs, which are manufactured using a number of fabrics. In this article, we’ll find out, which masks provide better protection.

This new virus has created a pandemic situation in 2020. It can be easily transmitted and thus wearing safety face maskstaking proper precautionary measures and getting sanitized often is important.

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Why face masks are important at this outbreak?

At this outbreak, masks are very important because, by the time the individual realizes that he/she has been affected by coronavirus, they start spreading the virus to other people even before they start experiencing the initial symptoms. So, wearing masks is more important to be safe at this pandemic time. 

The virus can also be transmitted when you touch your face, after touching the surface where the virus is on it. By wearing face masks, you would probably avoid touching your face repeatedly. 

Different types of masks

  • Surgical masks

Different types of surgical masks are available and these masks are just for one-time use, these masks have a particular lifespan and you cannot use them after that. If you use them once after the lifespan is over, it will not be more powerful to provide the protection. 

However, surgical masks are not as good as the other types of masks. Since the filtration capacity and other aspects are comparatively less from other masks. This can be just used for one-time emergency use.

  • Cloth masks 

Properly constructed cloth masks are better than compared to the surgical masks. These masks can be prepared at home on your own. However, these masks are less effective than the other masks because they may have some gaps, which would make the virus enter from those gaps into the body. 

These masks can be reused only by properly washing It. 

  • Respirators 

These types of masks are the high standard quality masks, these masks are designed using the fabrics and materials which are highly effective in filtering the infection causing agents and the viruses. 

The N95, N99 and N100 masks are the high-quality masks that are known as respirators. The numerals 95, 99, and 100 denote the ability of the particular masks to filter the particles that differ in the size of 100 to 300 nm. So, because of all these standards, these masks are considered to be safe to use and also more protective compared to the other masks. 

Based on the information regarding the different types of masks, you can preferably make your choice. Even though you wear a mask, social distancing and proper sanitization are also very important to be safe.