A guide to tours of Porto

Want to experience Porto such as a local? Become a member of one of the great Porto tours! Whether you go privately or in a group, you will be led by an educated guide who will talk about all the attractive tales and best-kept secrets about the northern Portuguese city.

Try the avenues and tour by foot, bike, Segway or tuk tuk to discover about the medieval Ribeira region, the baroque Clérigos cathedral tower and the iconic double-decker iron bridge Dom Luis I, which connects Porto with neighbouring Vila Nova de Gaia. Or head out on a near by excursion to coastal Aveiro or Serra D’Arga to see outstanding natural beauty and try traditional food and porto wine.
Porto is an excellent spot to city rest, but it can be a great location from which to explore the northern region of Portugal. Surrounding Porto are bustling locations, historic cities and picturesque villages, most of that can be easily come to using the inexpensive general population transport. These interesting day outings can greatly stretch a stay within Porto, and produce a memorable holiday.

This guide provides an overview of the best day trips from Porto and provide links to further detailed information.
The Porto region has a wide selection of day trips; some are more famous and much more accessible than others. The next table summarises typically the most popular day excursions, along with a few of the lesser-known spots, and the best methods to happen to be them.

Popular Day Trips
• Braga (coach)
• Guimarães (train)
• Douro Valley (Régua, Pinhão) (coach)
• Aveiro and Costa Nova (train)
• Matosinhos (beach) (bus or metro)
• Povoa de Varzim (beach) (metro)

Less popular day trips
• Lamego (coach and bus)
• Coimbra (train)
• Viana do Castelo (bus/car)
• Ponte de Lima (car)
• Espinho (beach) (coach)
• Vila Do Conde (beach) (metro)
• Barcelos (car)
With so many possible destinations, it can be a little overwhelming to recognize the best day trips and compile a sensible order to go to them. The next is our advised order, which is how we have indicated the spot to friends and family:

Tours To Do in Porto
1) Guimarães 2) Braga 3) Lamego 4) Aveiro 5) Vila Do Conde 6) Douro Valley
All of these day vacations can be reached using people transport (coach or bus).
Advice: Before getting into day journeys from Porto, plan at least two times to explore the town.
Organised tours are well suited for visitors who are limited for time, as they often times combine multiple destinations in a single day. The other gain is that they offer an educated guide and get rid of the inconvenience of public travel. Generally, the typical of tours in Portugal has greatly better, and now appeal to more worldly and clued-up vacationers.

Excursion to Guimarães
Guimarães is a charming and historic city, which is looked upon by the Portuguese as the birthplace of the country. This old city was the first capital of Portugal and was where the first ruler of Portugal (Afonso Henriques 1109-1185) was created. The first Portuguese dynasty was ruled from the ancient castle that stands at the northern area of Guimarães, while the near by is the Paço dos Duques de Bragança (Palace of the Dukes of Braganza), an imposing medieval palace.

The historic centre of Guimarães is a joy to explore, as it is filled up with traditional houses and characterful plazas. After browsing the ancient sights, you might take the wire car to the top of Monte da Penha (Penha Hill), which gives pleasant hiking routes and stunning panoramic views of the town.

Don’t queue for Livraria Lello – visit the curiosity shop nearby
Once upon a time, Livraria Lello was a plain old bookstore with a charming interior. Until some lady called J.K. Rowling made a decision to spend a couple of months in Porto in the first 1990s focusing on her first booklet. It’s likely you have heard about it – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stoner.

Reputed to possess inspired parts of Hogwarts, Livraria Lello has since been inundated with Potter fans from around the world attempting to get a view (and selfie) of the bookstore’s interior. What has resulted is a street-long queue of folks ready to stand under the hammering rain for over an hour and pay €5 per person to look at a couple of stairs. And nothing of the is to mention that there is a second, longer queue in the ticket office in the pub up the road if you fail to buy your ticket online in advance. Would it be worthwhile? The reviews are mixed

Braga and Guimarães
braga The Sanctuary in our Lady of Sameiro
The Sanctuary in our Female of Sameiro in Braga

You may make day trips from Porto to the region of Minho which includes an exceptionally rich history. The places of Braga and Guimarães are nearby which means you can visit them and immerse yourself in Portuguese culture. The middle ages castle of Guimarães where in fact the first Portuguese ruler was created is a must-visit UNESCO World Heritage site. All of the monuments and pathways have been well-preserved to make it easy to assume it in its leading. Braga is another old city which houses top sights like a stunning cathedral, the Sameiro Sanctuary and Bom Jesus do Monte.

Escape city life and take a trip to the northern part of metropolis where you can literally wine and dine. The vinho verde wine trails are a major tourist fascination in the region and you may take a cab from the location center to the beginning of the road. There are lots of culinary flavours to explore and a great deal to learn about the wine-making process. A sumptuous lunch break can be got in Regua where you can also admire the impressive gothic bridge and convent.
Did you know Spain is reachable per day trip from Porto? One of the most popular day travels from Porto is to Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain. It’s better to leave Porto early to reach the cathedral in time for the famous 11 am pilgrim mass. The impressive historical composition is a UNESCO World Heritage site and has been retaining proceedings because the DARK AGES. The Fortress of Valença and Galicia city centre are close by and really should not be overlooked.
Porto has many beaches that ought to not be ignored. They have got the clear blue waters of the Atlantic Sea where you can unwind on the sand or drive waves with local surfers. There are in least 10 beaches within easy reach of Porto but the most popular is Matosinhos Beach. Matosinhos Beach is a few kilometres from the Parque de Cidade and has a massive bay area which seems infinite during low-tides. If you do not mind travelling somewhat further then have a excursion from Porto to Miramar that includes a nice rocky beach filled with golden sand and a 17th-century chapel to explore.

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