8 Great Language and Activity Holidays From Around the Globe

Learn a language and enjoy a new extracurricular activity. These holiday courses let you learn a skill while learning a new language in a native land. Learn Spanish and learn to tango! Learn German and ski or learn some Japanese and learn about manga!

Mandarin and Other Activities – China

You get four hours of lessons each day together with the benefit of one on one tutorials. The two-week class is held at Hutong School in Beijing, Shanghai and also in Hangzhou. With the language lessons, you can choose four different activities like hot springs trips, skiing, cooking and tai chi. There are also weekend jaunts to take where you can practice your newly learned Mandarin skills.

French and Horseback Riding, Provence

Destination – Have Growler Will Travel

CESA is a company with language schools located throughout the world. Two courses of note are held at Aix-en-Provence in a mansion. These two-week French lessons are also great when you pair them with 20-group horseback riding lessons, hiking, painting, cooking or even the study of wine. Choose to stay with a host family if you like.

Spanish and DJ Lessons in Ibiza or Madrid

Here is a unique way to learn Spanish. It is about as far from the traditional lesson as you can get. You can learn Spanish while DJing in Ibiza or Madrid! Lessons are made for any level and include both beginner lessons as well as advanced studies. These are one or two-week classes made for people who wish to learn about electronic music production and also take a few weekend getaways to Mallorca. The DJ lessons are all taught by Pacha DJ professionals.  You can also go beer biking in Madrid when you need a break from DJing!

Greek Lessons in Lefkada

Take Greek through Omilo a company that runs courses in both Athens and Nafplion as well as on the islands of Syros and Lefkada. Take the Lefkada lessons and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the beach in Agios Nikitas located on the west coast. There are over 24 hours of lessons in a week with six days of learning. You get Wednesdays off and can take several activities like Greek dancing or a guided hike. You also get to enjoy your welcome meal at a taverna.

Arabic Lessons with Moroccan Cooking in Tétouan, Morocco

There are courses everywhere at If you choose the Arabic and Moroccan cooking class, you are sure to be taking the most unusual. The cooking class is held in Tétouan and you get a full week language lesson. Each is 55 minutes long and comes with two 90-minute cooking lessons. You learn to speak Arabic and cook tagine, couscous, and pastilla. Tétouan is a Hispano-Moorish village. It boasts at a world heritage-listed medina at the base of the Rif Mountains.

Japanese Lessons in Fukuoka and Pop Culture

Learn Japanese with pop-culture style. The Cactus Language has classes in 120 locations including this one located in Fukuoka which is the largest city on Kyushu. This is the largest island in Japan. Take classes from Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm. Learn to speak about movies, music, books, and TV. You can also take a culture class in kimonos, ceramics and tea ceremonies as well as Japanese cooking.

German and Skiing in Austria

A language school at the Kitzbühel resort in the Tyrolean Alps is located in the home of the champion downhill ski races. There is a full one-week German intensive that comes with morning lessons so that you can ski all afternoon long. The season goes from November until April. For the summer months, enjoy hiking and tennis.

Spanish and Tango in Buenos Aires

Take language classes and adventure trips through Caledonia. In just one week you can learn Spanish in Buenos Aires along with tango. Enjoy your lessons in the fine Recoleta neighbourhood. A one-week class comes with 20 lessons and two group tango sessions along with one private one. Great for beginners. Accommodations start at £270.

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